4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Pod System Vape

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If you’re here, you’ve probably decided to take up vaping.

You’ve heard of JUUL. You’ve heard of Suorin. You might even have heard of EVOVE (#juulkiller anyone?) Choosing between these brands to help kick start your “quit smoking” journey might seem confusing.

And it’s not just the different brands! Understanding what exactly you’re using can be tricky as hell. Pod systems, nicotine salts, mango pods (let’s not go there)… so many terms, so little time to figure out what exactly you need.

Read on for our guide to choosing the right pod system vape for you!

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What Are Pod System Vapes?

How Are They Different From The Bigger Box Vapes I've Seen?

What Are Salt Nicotine Pods?

Who Can Use Pod System Vapes?

What Else Makes Them So Popular?

How Do You Choose A Pod System Vape?


First Things First… What Are Pod System Vapes?

EVOVE Pod System Vape

Pod system vapes, or pod vapes (I will use the two terms interchangeably from here on out), are innovative and intuitive ultra-portable smoking devices that pair with flavored  nicotine salt pods made specifically for the device. They are created with the most current technologies to bring users the most satisfying experience.

To use a pod vape, you insert the pod into the device - there will be a satisfying click - and turn it on. The pod is then automatically heated, and the oil produces a vapor that you can inhale.

How Are They Different From The Bigger High-Powered Box Mod Vapes I’ve Seen?

That’s the issue - you’ve seen high-powered box mods ("mod vapes") because they’re so ostentatious and everyone using them is enveloped in a cloud of vapor.

Firstly, vape mods are designed for sub-ohm vaping, using atomizers to create huge clouds of smoke. The e-liquid they use is thicker than the nicotine salt used in pods, and so has a lower nicotine content. We go into more detail about what’s in pod system vape pods below.

box vape cloud

Not only that, but mod vapes are incredibly complicated. Check out the MigVapor guide to mod vaping - it’s ridiculously complicated before you even get to the instructions. Then there’s a full 11 steps before you get to ‘enjoy’, including “unscrew the base of your tank and insert a fresh atomizer coil”, “fill the tank with e-liquid and assemble your tank” and “adjust the airflow on your tank”. Couple that with “try not to exceed 4.8 volts” whilst vaping and waiting five minutes for the coil’s wick to become saturated with e-liquid. It’s just all too much.

With a pod vape? Insert the pod and away you go.

High-powered box mod vapes are also costly. Using different e-liquids and replacing the coils adds up, with added customization being used by companies to get more of your hard-earned dollars. Alternatively, starter pod kits can be around $40 with the monthly pod cost being around $20 (but usually less).

Finally, putting the e-liquid in yourself means you’re more likely to have leaks or spills. Because of this, pod vapes are the future. Inventions like nicotine salt pods and innovators like SALT LABS are leading the way.

What Are Nicotine Salt Pods?

EVOVE Vape Salt Nicotine Pods

Nicotine salt pods are a “pod” you insert into your device. The pod contains pre-filled flavored nicotine juice that, when heated, becomes a vapor you can inhale. The salt nicotine element comes from the type of juice in the pod. It is ionized, giving it a small, positive charge. The charge simulates the state of natural nicotine in tobacco leaves. This ensures a strong ‘kick’ and satisfying throat hit that closely emulates that of a cigarette, with a smooth and consistent draw.

Being less harsh means the pods can contain more nicotine than standard e-liquids. This way you can smoke less and get the nicotine you “need” to see you through the day.

Who Can Use Pod System Vapes?

Who Should Vape?

Any adult trying to kick cigarettes. We recommend pod vapes to smokers who are trying to give up, or to prevent themselves from ingesting any of the harmful chemical ingredients that you used to have to accept as part of smoking. Vaping saves you from breathing in toxic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide.

For beginners, they’re useful for cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. The higher nicotine content of our pods means you get enough nicotine when you want, and they have a tight, consistent draw so they feel more like a cigarette. You’ll want to choose them over a cigarette every time.

This means they’re great for social smokers who want to improve their health and stop buying packs of cigs every time they’re heading to a bar.

If you’re an experienced vaper, look no further. It’s the perfect secondary device for avid high-powered box mod vape lovers. The tighter draw will be a welcome relief after using sub-ohm e-liquids, and not having to worry about leaks will take a weight off your mind. Plus, you’ll love carrying around a sleek, light device - no more huge boxy vapes in day-to-day life!

What Else Makes Them So Popular?

Pod systems are so popular because they’re consistent, reliable, and you can carry them around without being too blatant. They offer the user more control than a standard e-cigarette but aren’t as advanced or confusing as some high-powered box mods can be.

You’re buying a stealth machine - something you can smoke all day long without people moaning and groaning at you about it. And you won’t be clutching a huge, obvious box while you’re doing it (yes, this helps you avoid those people who make fun of ‘vapers’ for whatever reason).

Have you made it to your 20s without your mom and dad realizing that you smoke? This will help you survive family trips. Need a smoke break at work but don’t want to smell? Great! Try one of the tasty mango pods and no one will be any wiser! If you have a significant other, they’ll probably also enjoy the flavors - like when you’ve been smoking a minty Menthol Chill or tropical Summer Strawberry all day.

Check out some of our flavors here!

How Do You Choose A Pod System Vape?

There are a few criteria you should bear in mind when choosing which device you want. We’ve listed four important considerations below.

Components of EVOVE pod vape system

#1 - What do you want your device to look like?

If a huge, boxy vape is the look you’re after you can stop reading here.

Pod vapes are all slim, sophisticated devices that accessorize a suit as well as pants. Their shapes vary quite substantially between brands, from teardrop shaped to cylindrical to the rectangular that has proven so popular for JUUL and EVOVE.

The curvature of the device’s body is also important to consider. If you only occasionally use your vape, a thin, flat body such as JUUL’s might appeal. If you’re looking to vape daily, the more rounded, ergonomic body of EVOVE gives you extra support and feels more natural in your hand. Plus, a vape with thicc pods is less likely to drop out of your pocket.

Beyond that, the colour variants to choose from are across the board, with blues and blacks being the most popular everyday choice.

#2 - How long does a full charge last?

Let’s face it, a smaller device isn’t going to last for weeks on one charge. Or even a week.

Ideally, a daily smoker will want a device that’s around 460mAh. This will last you around three days of regular use, meaning you won’t have to think too much about refilling. And if you’re trying to quit social or weekend smoking, it’s the perfect amount of time.

#3 - Which pods are available to you?

There’s no point having an incredible looking pod vape if you can’t use it.

Most companies produce nicotine salt pods with varying flavors. Check out what’s available to you to make sure you’re actually going to want to use your vape. Companies like EVOVE offer a multipack option that means you can try all of their flavors before committing to a monthly delivery. Well worth it to see if Creamy Caramel is for you. (Trust us, it is.)

You also want a brand that will keep producing high quality flavors. It isn’t a case of quantity over quality - a handful of incredible pods that you keep going back to is better than a wide variety you only try once. Keep an eye out and see if they’ll do any seasonal special’s or one offs as well. Nothing like a bit of excitement!

#4 - Look at the extra features

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper looking for an everyday device, you’re going to want something that works for you. The minimum you need to look for when choosing your device is a food-grade resin mouthpiece, with pharma-grade materials for any parts in contact with the salt nicotine liquid.

Next, pod vape technology is generally advanced, but some brands are ahead of the pack. Buy a pod vape with an intuitive system that includes a built-in gravity sensor to aid tactile control and you’ll be shocked at how much simpler using a vape becomes.

Also, remember that you’re vaping to prevent the negative side effects of smoking. That means you want a vape and pods that aren’t harsh on your throat. To ensure this, you should look for pod system vapes with consistent, breath activated draw. An anti-dry burn is also integral to creating a greater sensorial experience and nicotine satisfaction.

Finally, anti-leak pods are imperative. A leaky pod won’t just stain your clothes, it’s a waste of vape juice! The stronger the internal structural design of the pod system, the better. Nobody wants nicotine poisoning…

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know before buying your device. Good luck and happy vape hunting!

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