Hits the Spot and Satisfies with Every Puff
  • No Dry Hit
  • Our temperature control technology and anti-dry burn feature guarantee consistent flavor till the very last puff;
  • No more roughness, no more dissatisfaction.
  • EVOVE's Unique Anti-Leak Design
  • No leakage, no spilled liquid, and no more mess;
  • Ensures a more convenient, more intuitive, and more pleasant vaping experience.
  • All of our great flavors are crafted by SALT LABS & ELDA using the finest ingredients under strict quality control;
  • Depth of flavor and unrivaled smoothness guaranteed;
  • We cater to every need of smokers throughout the whole product development process.
Designed with Smokers in Mind
  • Satisfaction with Nicotine Salts
  • Nicotine salts found in tobacco leaves provide cigarette-like satisfaction every time.
  • Customize Your EVOVE
  • Two power settings put you in the driver’s seat, and provide you with a more customized vaping experience.
  • No More Let-Downs
  • High performance battery and ample pod capacity allows for all-day use;
  • The satisfaction just goes on and on.
A No-Nonsense Vaping Experience
  • As Simple As It Is Elegant
  • No button, no switch, no complications.
  • Simply insert the pod, and say hello to satisfaction.