Out with the Old
In with EVOVE

EVOVE is on a mission: To provide a satisfying alternative to cigarettes, making no compromise in quality or experience. We offer unrivaled flavors, smoothness, and convenience. We aim to bring positive changes to the world's one billion adult smokers, and to do so in style.
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EVOVE Starter
First Try( $27.99 )
1 EVOVE Device + 4 EVOVE Pods
Following Months( $13.99/month )
4 EVOVE Pods
Hits the Spot and Satisfies with Every Puff
  • No Dry Hit
  • Our temperature control technology and anti-dry burn feature guarantee consistent flavor till the very last puff;
  • No more roughness, no more dissatisfaction.
  • EVOVE's Unique Anti-Leak Design
  • No leakage, no spilled liquid, and no more mess;
  • Ensures a more convenient, more intuitive, and more pleasant vaping experience.
  • All of our great flavors are crafted in SALT LABS using the finest ingredients under strict quality control;
  • Depth of flavor and unrivaled smoothness guaranteed;
  • We cater to every need of smokers throughout the whole product development process.
Designed with Smokers in Mind
  • Satisfaction with Nicotine Salts
  • Nicotine salts found in tobacco leaves provide cigarette-like satisfaction every time.
  • Customize Your EVOVE
  • Two power settings put you in the driver’s seat, and provide you with a more customized vaping experience.
  • No More Let-Downs
  • High performance battery and ample pod capacity allows for all-day use;
  • The satisfaction just goes on and on.
A No-Nonsense Vaping Experience
  • As Simple As It Is Elegant
  • No button, no switch, no complications.
  • Simply insert the pod, and say hello to satisfaction.
  • Be Touched
  • Thanks to built-in gravity sensor, EVOVE devices allow user to check battery life by tapping it.